Sri AdiSankara’s profound and vast literary work has enriched the spiritual and philosophical heritage of India. Through his subtle philosophical treatises and devotional hymns, he has been a guiding light for both keen students of Vedanta as well as the common people.

His commentaries on the PrasthanaThraya are the essential books of study for every student of Vedanta. In his commentaries one can see his absolute commitment to the Shastras. There is but on single purpose that is to bring out the true meaning of each verse and nothing else. The dizzy heights of clarity and accurate choice of words used to explain the meaning of the stanzas, leave no doubt in conveying the true import and meaning of the verses. While commenting on any verse, he simultaneously does full justice to the entire text as well as that the particular verse. No wonder he is called as “BhagwaanBhashyakaar”

He also wrote a number of short treatises classified as “PrakarnaGranthas” which are used widely to teach beginners. It is nothing but his kindness that he wrote as many as twenty such granthas to assist the seeker in their initial stages and set them up for their advancements in the spiritual path.

Sri AdiSankara has also penned many Stotras or Hymns to a number of deities and devotees and common folks sing many of them to this day. As much as his commentaries on the Upanishads and Geeta are dry logic, these Stotras and are completely soaked in Bhakthi and love for the Lord. They are of immense help to many a seeker who include many of them as part of their daily sadhana and worship.


AdiShankara wrote Bhāṣya (commentaries) on

  • AitareyaUpaniṣad (Rigveda)
  • Bhagavadgīta (Mahabhārata)
  • Brahmasūtra
  • BṛhadāraṇyakaUpaniṣad (ŚuklaYajurveda)
  • ChāndogyaUpaniṣad (samaveda)
  • Gāyatri Mantra
  • ĪśaUpaniṣad (ŚuklaYajurveda)
  • KaṭhaUpaniṣad (KṛṣṇaYajurveda)
  • KenaUpaniṣad (samaveda)
  • LalithaTrishati
  • MāṇḍūkyaUpaniṣad(Atharvaveda) and GauḍapādaKārika
  • MuṇḍakaUpaniṣad (Atharvaveda)
  • PraśnaUpaniṣad (Atharvaveda)
  • Sānatsujātiya (Mahabhārata)
  • ŚvetāśvataraUpaniṣad (KṛṣṇaYajurveda)
  • TaittirīyaUpaniṣad (KṛṣṇaYajurveda)
  • Vishnu Sahasranama (Mahabhārata)
  • Yoga Sutras