Debate with Jainas

The Jainas asked: "Why don't you accept the seven categoriesof Jainism- namely, soul, lifeless objects, sense attraction, sensecontrol, austerity, bondage and liberation, as also our Syad-Vada or seven-pronged statement of the nature of reality?"

JAINA: "The Jiva is of the size of the body bound by the eight forms of Karma."

SANKARA: "A thing that is neither atomic, nor all-pervasive, but is of the size of the body, will be perishable like a pot. In transmigration, how can such a Jiva occupy bodies of vastly •varying sizes like that of a man, an elephant, or a fly."

JAINA: "When it enters a big body, more souls combine together; and when it enters a small one, many go apart."

SANKARA: "If the soul also grows and shrinks, originates and perishes like the body, it must belong to the category of non-self. How does it originate after death and how does it spread in the body?"

JAINA: "Souls are without origination and destruction. They unite with the body and separate from it. Their siz.e changes according to the size of the body."

SANKARA: "Tell me whether these Jivas are insentient or sentient. If insentient, they will not be abie to move the body. If there are several sentient entities, they will pull the body in diverse directions owning to mutual antagonism, and the body itself may perish under their pulls and counter-pulls."

JAINA: "If one chariot may be drawn by several horses, why should not several Jivas function in a unified manner in a single body?"

SANKARA: "0 friend! The chariot has one driver to control and direct the horses. Here in the body, there is none, according to your theory, to fulfil this function of co-ordination."

JAINA: "It is not thj{t "the souls come and go. In big bodies they grow big, and in small bodies they contract. The leeches provide an example for this."

SANKARA: "If the souls are then subject to change, they must beperishable. If the soul thus perishes, even new embodiments become impossible, not to speak of salvation. It "can only float about in the ocean of Samsara like the shell of a gourd carrying the load of Karma. In the same way, your seven-pronged description of reality is also a silly doctrine, as contradictions like existence, non-existence. etc., cannot co-exist in one and the same entity."