Sri Shankara in Cambodia..?

Sri Sankara In Cambodia ?

Dr. R. C. Majumdar in the Indian Review (February, 1940) and Mr. K. A. Nilakantha Sastri in the Journal of Oriental Research (vol. XI, pts. 3-4) have expressed the view that on the authority of a Kambuja inscription mentioning the installation of the god Bhadresvara by Siva Soma, we must assign Sankara to about 800 A.D., because Siva Soma, in the 39th verse of the inscription, is said to have learnt the Sastras from Bhagavat.

Sankara himself (Bhagavat Sankarabvayat). Siva soma was the grandson of Jayendradhipativarman, the maternal uncle of Jayavarman II of Kambuja, and the guru of Indravarman I(878-887 A.D).

The inference that this Bhagavat Sankara is no other than Adi Sankara seems to be unwarranted. I have shown elsewhere that Sankara lived towards the close of the sixth and in the beginning of the Seventh century, as the contemporaray of a number of Jaina, Baudha, Naiyayika, Vaisesika, Mimamsaka, Vaiyakarana authors and in any case cannot be later than Santiraksita and Bhavabhuti (c. 720 A.D.). We should therefore be very careful before making a sweeping assertion assigning Sankara to a date a century later.